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Pink and orange Stash .


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This wonderful mix of fibres was naturally eco dyed in a solar pot  in pinks and oranges . The mix is made up of Merino 55g. The merino starts off a dark orange and end up bright pink. Yummy ! Romney fleece29g, wensleydale 20g, Silk cap layer 3g, Tussah silk 7 g25g of angora, 46g of Gotland, 13g of Tussah silk,7g of prefelt 1 g of silk habotai.  Card together  to spin a gloriously textured and exciting, yarn.  Felt into the felted surface or just put it into  bowl to enjoy while you work out what to do with it.


Stash no 2

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Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm