Red and Old Gold Stash .


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This wonderful mix of fibres was naturally eco dyed in a solar pot. It is quite hard to get red in my soft Welsh Water and hard too to tweak the dye quantities to get old gold but this looks pretty good to me except that  red has mostly separated into oranges and  pinks. That’s the excitement of solar dyeing you never know what you will get and each pot results in unique colours.   The mix is made up of  Fine Merino  (18.5micron ) 59g.  Wensleydale from a farm on the LLeyn Peninsular North Wales 18g, Silk cap layer 9g, Tussah silk 17 g  Card together  to spin a gloriously textured and exciting, yarn.  Felt into the felted surface or just put it into  bowl to enjoy while you work out what to do with it. 103g



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Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm