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Bright Orange and Bronze Stash with a tad of red.


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These fibres were dyed using an experimental water bath method of usinglayers of dyes and fibres in a Kilner jars but instead of solar dyeing, putting them into a water bath.  Too much heat at the base  and it creates thermals and the colours mix which is what happened here, less red that I hoped for but on the other hand more bronze.  So once again unique range of colours, just not quite what I expected, on a mix of fibres. This one is a  bit special so its also a tad more expensive but then it is  unique.

18.5g of merino 52g, Silk Cap (second phot0) a deep orange/bronze  quite big at 22g so may layers for spinning or felting, Tussah Silk 12g, 3 Eri Silk Cocoons ( one is red which colour i hoped for more of, Mohair 1g,Romney fleece 18g. Total 96g

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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm