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Pink, Orange and Peach Stash


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These fibres were the outcome of the Pink and Orange Solar Kit. Slightly unexpected results as  all the fleeces and wool fibres are a dark pink with bits of orange, but the silk Habotai and Silk cap layer, are a delicate peach colour whereas  the four eri silk cocoons ( tease out the raw silk for added texture) are a deep pink  and the Tussah silk and textured silk are a soft peach pink.

There is a lot in this stash with an unusually large amount of soft delicate Welsh kid mohair and Welsh Wensleydale fleece from the Lleyn Peninsular.  Add in silk caps, and textured silk along with Blue faced Leicester and it can be seen that a dramatic wild carded yarn could result.

Wensleydale Fleece 32g

4 Eri Silk Cocoons 1g

Kid Mohair 32g

Blue Faced Leicester tops 24g

Tussah Silk 24g

Prefect piece 3g

Sil cap layers 8g

Silk Habotail piece 6g

Total 124g



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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions .45 × .35 × 16 cm