Colours of the Rainbow Dye Kit

Extract Dyes are the most versatile and easiest natural dyes to use. They are concentrated extracts of natural dyes and all you need to do is to add water.  The included book covers a very wide variety of different way to use the exracts, from traditional immersion dyeing, painting rainbow yarns or fibres, to printing with thickened extacts (for which you also need Gum tragacanth). Dye extract dyes can be easily mixed to make a range of unique and original colours.
  • Colours of the Rainbow (Extract Dyeing) Book
  • 15g Madder extract giving oranges and reds
  • 15g Fustic Bright Yellow
  • 15g Logwood Purples
  • 50g  of potassium aluminium sulphate (Alum) mordant

These will mordant and dye between 300 & 450g  of wool or silk.

The book cover is hand-painted and may vary from image show. A4. 


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