Colours of the Earth and Five Dyes and a Mordant


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The combination of my book, Colours of the Earth  on how to use natural dyes and my new pack of five dyes and Mordant make a superb and luxury Dye Kit.  Five dyes and mordant  consists of 100g of Madder, Rhubarb Root, and 50g of Dyers Chamomile , 10g of Cochineal bugs and 50 ml of the Saxon Blue  I make in my own studio . This one comes with full instructions for use. The pack also contains 100g of Alum  also with instructions although this in the book too.

Dye up to 900g of  Lightfast  Reds, Oranges, Pinks,  Mustard , Brown, Bronzes, Bright yellow, Green and Blue .

This is on a very special offer of £37.50, a savings of £5.00.

  • The 2019 Crop of Dyers Chamomile  is coming to an end. When it does  as the new crops not yet ready, Dyers Chamomile will be substituted with Weld ( Reseda luteola, also grown in North Wales. This also gives a yellow dye , slightly more of an acid yellow but rich and lightfast


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