All Three Natural Dye Kits

A fantastic chance to explore all aspects of natural dyeing. Starting with the traditional roots, barks, leaves and flowers, then move on to experiment with the modern extracts of natural dyes. Learn to get the most fabulous blues with my high quality indigo and comprehensive books.

Colours or the Earth. Three dyes (50g madder, 50g logwood and 50g of Dyers Chamomile).  Note I may need to l substitute 100g Rhubarb root. Also includes 50g Potassium Aluminium Sulphate, 40g of Cream of tartar.

Colour of the Sea and Sky 25g Indigo and 30g Thiourea dioxide and Ph Papers. You will also need sodium carbonate (washing soda) and Sodium hydroxide (caustic Soda), both of which are available from hardware stores.

Colours of the Rainbow 15g of Fustic, Madder and Logwood with 50g potassium aluminium sulphate. (Dyes may be substituted with similar colours).


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