The Other Green Pot


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A delicious soft lime green.  Every year I experiment with  combinations of dyes and this pot like the Rainbow pot is new for this year and came from these experiments.  My pots are all let outside for a full year but the time it takes for the dyes to set varies with where they are, such as outside, conservatory or greenhouse  and how much hot sun we get.  So I recommend  that the pots should be left  for three months but to test if they are ready just pull a few bits of fibre out and rinse under the tap till the water is clear if the  colour stays in the fibres they are ready.

You will need a 2 litre Kilner Jar and 100-120 mixed silk and wool fibres or 100g yarn .

A leaflet with instructions for  an alternative method of dyeing with a waterbath is also included in the kit

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Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm