The 4 Colour Pot


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Create rich exciting and lightfast colours using nothing but the power of the sun and time to do the dyeing. Watch the colours develop in your solar pot as the colours slowly intermingle and create new shades.

Solar Kits are kilner jars of bejewelled colour filled with natural dyes, fibres and water. The heat, even the mild heat from the sun in North Wales, works its magic over time to dye the fibres the rich subtle colours of natural dyes. Pots are multi-cloured layers so fibres, fabrics or yarns are dyed multi-cloured too. I have been developing this technique for nearly 15 years now and year on year have found the dyes which dye well at low temperatures, and which give exciting colour mixes. All the kits come from this experience.

In the kit you will find four dyes to create blues, turquoises, greens, pinks and purples as well as a mordant (fixative for natural dyes).Full instructions included.

The kit contains cochineal  so If you are a vegetarian and don’t want to use cochineal which is derived from a beetle please say so in the note section when ordering and ask for madder which will give oranges and pinks, or even red in a hard water area.

the Kit also contains Saxon Blue is a dye made from indigo. which I make it carefully from high quality natural indigo in my own North Wales studio. This dye is acidic so not suitable for children under fourteen. Please follow instructions carefully as well as wearing gloves to avoid staining.

Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on water used. This kit is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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