Dyers Chamomile

Dyers Chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria), gives a soft warm yellow and with ammonia a rich almost golden yellow. Adding iron gives a wonderful soft green. Dyers Chamomile is a nice dye to use to demonstrate with as the colour pours out almost as soon as you put the flower heads in water.


Nothing artificial is added to the garden and the flowers have been dried.




Dyers Chamomile Update July 2022.  We are n0w just starting pick and dry the crop.  I have less then a ki0 as I write 4th July 2022 but more will be coming every few days.  Dyers Chamomile 50g is now back in stock and the larger sizes will follow shortly Sadly the price has to go up a little as all our expenses are going up  and I pay a fair price for the crop which comes from  garden of Enys Davies at Gwynynog in Denbigh North Wales.  It is still a very good value.  It is grown without the use of chemicals of any sort and dried naturally in Enys’s and my home.

Dyers Chamomile (Anthemis tinctoria) is used in Turkish carpets and is lightfast although keep out of direct sunlight.  According to Dye Plants and Dyeing by Jon and Margaret Cannon  the pigments present are the flavones,  apiginine and luteolin ( both these are present in weld )and the Flavanols quercetagin and patuletin.  The colour is a rich golden yellow and with iron gives a lush olive green.

Dye Plants and Dyeing by John and Margeret Cannon Published in association with Royal Botanic Gardens Kew  and published by Herbert Press Ltd ISBN 1-871569-74-5

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