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Autumn Colour Stash


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These fibres came out of The Rainbow Solar Dyeing Pot which I had tweaked by adding  Persian Berries as  I had run out of Dyers Chamomile,  which is needed for the golden yellow a component part of the kit.   Although Persian Berries also give yellow  there was very  green (from the berries & Saxon Blue combination) as the berries were squashed at the bottom of the pot. This is because they are peppercorn size compared with the large dried flowers of Dyers Chamomile.  This shows  that this type of dyeing  can result in a truly unique range of colours and gave this time  the rich colours of an autumn wood with oranges, reds, golds and a tiny hint of green.

Wild card for an exciting innovative yarn or felt, or spin and ply the fibres and fleece with the tussah silk.

The fibres in their pot are a bit different from the other stashes as the principle fibre is Blue Faced Leicester tops, lovely for both spinning and felting.

Blue Faced Leicester Tops 52g

Silk caps layers                     20g

Wensleydale                          22g

Romney Fleece                      31g

Tussah Silk                             24g

Total                                      149g

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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm