5 Dyes and a Mordant


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This pack contains five of the great dyes of the world, giving rich light fast colours with glorious exhausts as the madder and rhubarb root go on producing soft oranges and golds in successive baths. The pack contains Saxon Blue, a turquoise blue dye made in my studio in North Wales to a seventeenth century recipe giving turquoises and vibrant greens with the dyers chamomile. This is a special size for this pack and comes with instructions for use.   Dyers Chamomile grown and carefully dried  in North Wales gives golden yellows. Cochineal gives reds and purples with iron or overdyed in Saxon Blue.. The pack contains 100g of Alum which comes with instructions on how to mordant.

These dyes dyed 890g of fibres ( including the exhausts, that is the colours from using the dye baths again)

Madder (Rubia tinctoria), (worth £6.50) 100g, Rhubarb Root (£7.50)  (Rheum sinensis)100g, Dyers Chamomile*50g (£4.00) (Anthemis tinctoria), Cochineal 10g (£4.25)(Dactylopius coccus), Saxon Blue ( indigo sulphonate 50ml )£8.00. Alum 100g including instructions ( worth £5.50) Worth £35.75

  • The 2021 crop of Dyers Chamomile was excellent but if it does run out before the 2022 crop is ready , Dyers Chamomile will be substituted with Weld ( Reseda luteola, also grown in North Wales). This also gives a yellow dye , slightly more of an acid yellow but rich and lightfast


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