Sea stole

Sea stole

123 cm long
37 at widest 33cm narrowest


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The Sea Stole inspired by the seas of North Wales is a  unique  and luxurious felted scarf , both warm and stylish that lifts any outfit. Wrap the scarf around your neck and wrap a bit of the natural world too as each scarf is made with fibres and silks dyed with the rich and subtle colours of botanical dyes ,grown in my North Wales Dye Garden .   The turquoise  silks for this stole were dyed with fresh leaves of Japanese Indigo ( Persicaria tinctorial) which uses no additional chemicals apart from the dyes in  the leaves,  and the oranges from Coreopis sp a yellow daisy like flower that grows in my garden all summer.  

The Stole comes with an unique embroidered  intricate metallic  brooch  in gold and bronze colours  and is hand made made for Fiery Felts . The Stole is 123cm long, 37 cm at the widest point and 33 at the narrowest  and weighs 138g


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Weight .150 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 2.5 cm