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River in Spate

River in Spate is a Helen Melvin original landscape in naturally dyed felt, fabric and paper and machine stitch.

Dimensions are:

Picture 30cm X 26cm
Mount 6cm x 6cm X 7cm
Frame 2.5cm
Overall dimensions 49 cm x 73 cm


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The River in Spate is an unique Helen Melvin Landscape made with a method of wet felting developed over twenty years five and combines  pure fine merino wool fibres with silk fabric and fibres to create movement and texture.   On top of this layers of felt, fabric and papers  are added with stitch or stitch alone which is  also used to emphasise movement as well as the power of water. The inspiration for this picture comes from the many rivers seen in flood in the North Wales where I live particularly in the wet winters.  But as well as the power of nature seen in water pounding over and around the rocks the force of water speaks to me in may different ways. It reflects how nature impacts on us as well as representing turmoil and chaos that can result from climate change.  Creating my landscapes is a way of creating beauty from something that can also seen as a menace and something to fear.

The picture is 30cm X 35cm , the antique white mount is 6cm wide with 7cm at the bottom.  The width of the textured frame  which has with highlights of pastel , blues, yellows and reds is 2.5cm.  The mount and frame are carefully chosen to provide a clean contemporary feel to compliment the modern home. The overall dimensions of the picture 48cm by 64cm and the weight is 2.1 kg.

All fibres,  fabric and paper are dyed with natural dyes to a high standard of lightfastness.  All the dyes used are those that over the centuries have been shown to withstand the changes to colour caused by exposure to light. Nonetheless it is recommended that pictures are hung out of direct sunlight for added security

Mounted and framed with handcrafted frames from the Cathedral Framers in St Asaph, each picture is despatched in a hand build wooden frame and are despatched by courier world wide.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 45 cm