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Pinks, oranges, red & yellow stash


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This stash , the result of being dyed in the “Three Reds and a Yellow” solar pot is a wonderful mixture of four  different fleeces and fibres (Merino , Angora, Romney and Wensleydale) and a good length of tussah silk.  Apart from the prefelt these could all be carded together then and spun into a gloriously textured and vibrant Art Yarn or felted into the surface of a felt for texture and shapes . ( Cut the shapes from  prefelt out and felt in.  Fibres are a total of 108g

Prefelt , bright red, 11.5g

Romney, orange and pink  37g

Angora, soft orange/red a 5.5

Wensleydale, oranges and reds 17g

Tussah silk 26g ( slightly more orange than the photo but not much ) with a high lustre

Merino very soft 18.5 micron 11g graduating form dark pink to yellow.

(Stash 8)

Additional information

Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm