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Glorious mixed fibres for SOLAR DYEING


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A glorious mix of 8 yummy fibres/fabrics  to use with a solar pot kit (or any dyeing for that matter).  18.5 merino, grey 23 micron merino , Wensleydale Fleece, Grey Gotland/cotsworld cross (Rich subtle colours come from over dyeing grey), tussah silk, eri silk cocoons, whole silk cap ( mawata cap),piece silk fabric, and  kid mohair  Fibres may be substituted and there are only limited supplies of the fleeces . The fleeces and Kid Mohair are local fleeces from sheep and goats living in North Wales.

Microns are  measures of the width of the fibre and are 1/1000 of a cm  and the lower the number the finer the fibres.  18.5 micron is fine merino

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Weight .120 kg
Dimensions .45 × .35 × .16 cm