Bright Yellow Artisan Ink

Yellow Natural Dye Pigment Ink  paints a bright yellow on paper and fabric with a lightfastness of 2 (see below) that mixes with blue to give a bright grass green and with black to give an olive green.

All inks are 50ml  and come with aluminium cap and  with the dropper separate. After using the ink, wash the dropper in clean water and replace cap on bottle. This prevents the dropper blocking up. Tea Tree oil has been added to reduce any chance of moulding.


Did you know that most of the natural dye inks can be used as fabric paints ? Simply paint with them onto a clean scoured prepared fabric such as cotton or silk. Either allow to air set over 6 weeks or steam well wrapped in  or in several layers of greaseproof paper  from 20-30 minutes depending on weight of fabric.

Inks are made in batches of ten and colours may vary slightly from batch to batch.

The inks are thickened and stabilised to run smoothly on water colour paper but  gives a slighlty crisp feel when painted onto fabric.

Bright Yellow Ink has a  lightfastness of 2

Lightfastness is measured by placing painted samples in a southwest facing skylight for one month and are graded as follows:

  • No fading – lightfastness of 1
  • Slight fading – lightfastness of 2
  • Loss of colour – lightfastness of 3


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Weight .145 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 9 cm