All Four Dye books

All four of the Dye books together cover in detail many aspects of natural dyeing not covered by any other book on the market.

Colours of the Earth introduces the reader to natural dyeing and using fresh or dried dye stuff.

Colour of the Sea and Sky covers every aspect of indigo dyeing from the New Eco Vats, modern chemical vats to the fermentation vats and dyeing with fresh woad leaves.

Colours of the Rainbow has a more in-depth look at mordanting than Colours of the Earth and also tells the reader how to use extracts of natural dyes to create vibrant multicoloured fibres and fabrics ready for spinning, felting knitting and weaving.

Colours of the World cover eco dyeing, minimal mordants and no-heat, as well as the fruit sugar and lime indigo vat.

Books are A4 and comb bound. The covers are of heavy duty water colour paper are each hand painted with natural dye inks.

No other natural dyeing book on the market covers such a huge range of natural dyeing!

(Updated in Spring 2018)


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