Quality Standards

Quality Standards


Natural Dyes

I  have studied  and researched into natural  dyes lightfastness and the dyes used in my Landscapes are as lightfast as I can make them .  Natural dyes vary in lightfastness and the blues from Indigo  )reds & oranges  from Madder and Cochineal are the most lightfast  and I use  weld and fustic as my yellows as these have by far the best lightfastness.

 I recomend my Pictures are hung out of direct sunlight  and then I would expect that they willl outast any of us.

The inks are graded from 1-3 after I exposed  painted samples to one months in  south facing window during a very sunny September. ! represents no fading, 2 some loss of colour  and 3 signinificant  loss of colour.  All the inks are individually rated and all the ones I sell are rated either 1 ( blue, black) or 2.

Dyes  and natural mordants sold as grown and dried in North Wales come from either the Blaen Wern Dye garden or the Gwaenynog Garden, where no chemicals are used.