Colours of the World (eBook format)

Colours of the World Eco dyeing ebook covers my innovative approach to natural dyeing that minimises the effect on the environment by utilising solar energy, (no heat), minimal or natural plant mordants and an organic indigo vat using fruit sugar and lime. It covers a variety of techniques such as solar dyeing, fermentation vats and dyeing directly with plant materials (such Japanese Indigo to get a turquoise). 

This is the ebook for those who want to dye but make strong lightfast colours while at the same time reducing their carbon foot print and making minimal impact on the environment

Each ebook is A4 PDF format downloadable immediately after purchase.

Note, the cover shown is a hand-painted cover from the paper version of this book which is available to purchase on this website.  The ebook does not have a hand-painted cover. All other content is identical in both versions.