Saxon Blue

Saxon Blue

Saxon Blue


Saxon Blue is sulphonated Indigo. Made in my own studio to a 17th Century recipe it can be added to water to dye wool and silk fibres a deep rich turquoise Blue. 


Trfaditionally saxon Blue is said to have a slightly poorer lightfastness than indigo but in my tests the lightfastness was similar.   In my test indigo dyed wool and Saxon Blue dyed wool were exposed to light in a north facing window for one month resulting in no loss of colour in either colour which means that lightfastness is good.


Saxon Blue dyed wool has a good washfastness but on silk the colour is less lightfast paling from  mid turquoise to a light turquoise after 15 soapy washes. Rinsing in tepid water with no soap results in little loss of colour.

The 100ml Bottle comes with instructions for use.