Path to the GOP

Path to the GOP

Path to the GOP


The Gop is the largest Bronze age mound in Britain and reputedly where Boudicca was buried.

The path has worn into the chalky limestone making deep marks . This picture came about because I was employed by Flintshire  County Council in North Wales  as Artist in Residence exploring the ancient landsapes of Flintshire.  The ancient landscapes were photographed by Alan  Whitfield  and this picture was inspired by one of his photographs.


The fibres are dyed in the most light fast dyes, madder ( reds oranges and corals)  Indigo ( blues) Genista tinctoria ( yellows & and the yellow component of the greens)  can still be seen colouring the Bayeux Tapestry. This picture is one where I have both machine and hand stitched on the surface the hand stitching has bene sttiched with  naturally dyed Linen threads

The pIcture is mounted in an antique white mount ( 2.75nches)  and framed in a slightlytextured charcoal frame ( 1.25inches)  and is 50 cm wide by 91 cm ( 19.4 inches X 28 nches )

To ensure its longevity please hang the picture out of direct sunlight

Pictures are carefully packed in a supporting rigid cardboard frame and sent by courier