Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my new Blog and my new look website.
I shall be writing about my work  as a textile artist and  my use of natural dyes and my inks.

Just to wet your appetite my first post in a week’s time will be on using the leaves of Japanese Indigo (Persicaria tinctoria) which have soaking in kilner jars since November. I am interested to see how much blue I shall get from them and  I hope you will too

I will be looking at what natural dyes are available for eco friendly harvesting at this time of the year and using such dyes as ivy berries and alder nuts to dye with and talking along the way about mordanting in an eco friendly way too. Follow me on twitter and I can alert you to when these things are coming up or follow me on pinterest and see what I am using as inspiration for my next series of picture.  Crows settling onto a bare tree against a winter sunset are one and water flowing over stones another.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to my new Blog

  1. Hi Helen,

    Just found your new blog! I have Japanese Indigo growing too and though it is not ready yet I am interested in the possibility of storing it for future use. So I am keen to know how your soaking experiment has worked. Looking forward to your blog post about it.
    Pam in Australia.

  2. Helen, I met you at your house (and in your garden) during an open studio day in 2011. I am American, but I was visiting with a British friend and we bought dye kits and yarn and roving and I bought a sweet little seascape picture which is hanging in my bedroom.

    I really want a companion piece, because we’ve moved house and in the new bedroom the picture hangs to the right of a large canvas, so I want another of yours for the left hand side. I would LOVE one with standing stones. Can I send you a picture of the piece I have and its dimensions?

  3. Hi Helen,
    great news. I found your comment about the blog on the onlineguild digest. I have three woad plants which will be flowering this year. When is the best time to collect the leaves for making an infusion? I have got your reciepes and hope to get a tiny bit of darkish blue.
    It’s soon warm enough here to start seeding on a sheltered windowsill. Your dyer’s chamomile photos insprired me to grow hopefully lots this year. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Marianne from Switzerland

    1. Hi Marianne thanks for your question. I usually gather leaves in June/July and again in September. They need to be 6-8 inches long. Hope that helps .

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