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Dyers Chamomile ( Anthemis tinctoria)

Dyers Chamomile Anthemis tinctoria

I have love affairs with dye plants and this is one of them . It makes an attractive garden plant, as you can see from the photo  and likes warm dry sheltered sunny spots.



Over the summer the flower heads can be gathered and dried and this means in the winter when it is



cold and grey summer is bought to mind when you dye with it.

Use 100% WOF that is the same weight of dye as fibre. Cover the dried flower heads with cold water and leave to soak overnight if possible.   This particular dye bath was left for about a week before I applied heat and this almost certainly helped improved the colour so the longer you can leave it the better. Heat gently to just under the simmer and leave for about an hour before allowing to cool. When cool enter the previously mordanted wool and silk  ( I used 12% Alum, 10% cream of tartar to mordant with ) into the bath with the flower heads still in the dye bath. Again bring to just under the simmer, simmer for an hour but do not boil as the colour may dull. At the end  of the dyeing period add a splash of household Ammonia to brighten the colour.

Leave to cool before rinsing gently till water runs clear. Either spin excess water out or hang to dry


If you would like to buy some Dyers Chamomile  grown and dried in North Wales you can find some here

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