Blue Ink

Blue Ink

Blue Ink


Blue Natural Dye PIgment ink is made from the highest quality Natural Indigo and is a rich warm royal blue.  Mixed with yellows it gives wonderful grassy greens

Did you know that most of the natural dye inks can be used as fabric paints ? Simply paint with them onto a clean scoured prepared fabric such as cotton or silk. Either allow to air set over 6 weeks  or steam well wrapped in cling film form 20-30 minutes depending on weight.


If using Blue ink as a fabric paint dilute by 50% before use as otherwise or paint onto wet fabrics it may damage fine fabrics


Lightfastness 2

Inks are made in batches of ten and colours may vary slightly from batch to batch

Lighfastness is measured by placing painted samples in a southwest facing skylight for one month and are graded  as follows.

No fading  lightfastness of 1.

Slight fading lightfastnss of 2

Loss of colour lighfastness of 3.